Hey there!

This is a two minute read, tops. I promise.

Thanks for visiting my website. I’m Will, as you might have guessed. I’m a software developer in Fort Worth, TX.

My first paid programming gig was while I was in high school. I built a Rails app for another student who lived in California. That project got us a write-up in the New York Times. And my life has basically been one long walk down the red carpet since.

I dropped out of college after one year to focus on my education. Shortly thereafter I started doing Rails development for a remote agency. I worked there for three years, eventually becoming the de facto head of their Rails department. I moved to a local agency in 2015, where I currently reside.

I’ve had the opportunity to work on some really great projects over the years. One of the ones I enjoyed the most was helping build the infrastructure for a wifi enabled grill product. It allowed grills to be monitored and controlled from mobile apps. I enjoy getting to put on new hats and solve different types of problems.

I also love to learn new things. Most recently I’ve been very interested in the functional declarative programming charge that’s been introduced to the web development community at large through React and Redux. That has also led me to an interest in doing work with Elixir and Phoenix, but I have yet to get to work with them in a professional capacity.

Outside of work, my wife, Brynn, and I love hunting down new restaurants around town, watching movies and rarely agreeing on how good they are, and pandering to any one of our three dogs, Bailey, Franklin, and Maeby. I am also a competitive racquetball player. Not in any official sense, just in that I’m competitive, and I play racquetball.

Thanks for taking the time to read my story. Next up, I’m going to be working on